Meet Our Team


Juliette Siegfried, MPH
Medical Writer/Translator/Editor
BS, biology and MPH, public health
Juliette has over 25 years of experience in the health communications field. After several years with NIH and its contractors, Juliette spent several years teaching in DC public and private schools. Juliette then moved to Spain, where she launched as a medical editing business in 2005. In time, Juliette expanded to offer medical translation and health writing services, and she now employs 3 additional in-house translator/writer/editors and 5 overseas writer contractors to serve a growing global medical clientele.

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Roland Combes
Senior Medical Translator/Editor
After several years working in health communications and computer technology for Macro International, a US National Institutes of Health contractor, Roland Combes was named Director and main developer of Bibliomed University, an online multilingual portal for continuing medical education in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He joined in 2005 as a medical editor and is now the Senior Medical Translator.

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Laurel Avery
Senior Medical Writer/Editor
 Laurel started her career as a Marketing Director for Brightling USA in 1991. There, she edited, proofread and typeset books for publishers including Arts Gràfiques Bobalà (Barcelona, Spain), John Muir Publications (California, US), Zon International Publications (New Mexico, US) and High Mountain Press (New Mexico, US). She joined as a medical editor in training in 2007 and is now a Senior Medical Editor.

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Barry Wright
Senior Writer/Editor
Barry has been a professional writer for over 30 years. He has written about information technology, science, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, and finance for clients as diverse as IBM, Ciba-Geigy, Apple Computer, Citibank, PepsiCo, Massachusetts Financial Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield and ING Reliastar. As a writer working with ServingMed in Leiden, the Netherlands, he has written hundreds of science and health articles for publication, and he plans to write many hundreds more before he’s done.


Amy Leland

Amy Leland
Project Administrator/Writer
Amy Leland has written professionally for 8 years. She got her start covering astronomy-related news for her university’s planetarium website. Since then, Amy has branched out into writing and editing in the business and health fields, working with clients such as eBay, and Paramount MD.  As a writer for Paramount MD, Amy‘s eye for detail and commitment to accuracy have served her well in creating hundreds of highly-regarded patient education pieces for publication.



Sharon Smith, MPH, CHES
Health Education Specialist/Writer
Sharon Smith is a health education specialist and writer of 7 years. After receiving her masters degree in public health and Certified Health Education Specialist designation, she began her writing career by designing worksite wellness programs and health promotion materials for AirTran Airways and the Medical College of Georgia. Sharon’s direct patient interaction and love of writing helps her communicate complex health and medical information in a way that patients, health professionals and the general public can understand and enjoy.