Age Management Medicine

Age Management Medicine

A 21st century Physician model for caring for aging patients

Dr. Todd Greenberg, MD, and Dr. Jeffrey Leake, MD

Laurel Avery and Juliette Siegfried, MPH, eds.

Volume I

"Age Management Medicine" - A Physician Model for Caring for Elderly Patients

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Sound nutrition and exercise/sleep are essential to a quality life, as well as a long life. Somehow this simple message is not driven home in most care providers’ educations. Perhaps most guilty are physicians as they are trained to solve problems after they occur. These diagnostic and therapeutic skills are central to caring for patients, but we are also in a position to make a powerful impact with primary preventive therapies, but often do not have the knowledge. Until now.

We take the reader step by step through Nutrition and Exercise for all ages, but especially those most vulnerable; the aging. We show why we believe an individualized prescription to nutrition and exercise is the foundation to reducing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and reducing frailty and likely preventing a myriad of other ‘age related’ ailments such as decreased libido, depression and dementia.

Volume 2

Back Cover - Age Management Medicine

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We have been hearing a lot about HRT as if it’s controversial. It really need not be. HRT is safe for both men and women and we take an enormous effort to prove that in our new textbook Age Management Medicine. More compelling, is that the ‘controversy’ surrounding HRT is really a controversy about how we approach healthcare in general. Waiting until patients are symptomatic is waiting until it is either too late or too costly, or both, to address the problem.

We take the reader step by step through HRT for women and men. We show why we believe both are safe when patients fall within the Leake-Greenberg Window of Opportunity. We show how efficacious both can be in reducing mortality, reducing cardiovascular disease, improving sexual satisfaction and reducing frailty. In short, we show how HRT is a complement to the diligent effort put forward by patients in reducing their body fat, improving their cardiovascular health by adhering to sound nutrition and exercise prescriptions. Hormone replacement therapy for both men and women makes those efforts even more effective.


We invite the reader to dive in so they may support their patients in living the Good Life—BeneVita!