The Medical Translation Process

The goal of medical translations is to create a document (usually a biomedical research manuscript, health professional information sheet, patient information sheet, book chapter or book) that is indistinguishable from a document written by a native English speaker. The translated document should accurately and elegantly communicate the original process, results, and meaning of the author(s). It must also conform to the requirements of the intended journal, book or publication.

We use MemoQ as our main translation tool for this purpose. MemoQ stores all of our translated segments and terminology in one place, ensuring consistency and overall improvement over time as we refine our translations.

After a quick initial translation, a Senior Translator translates each segment of the document individually for accuracy and proper phrasing. Once the entire document is translated, a second translator reviews the document segment by segment, correcting any errors and researching any issues indicated by the Senior Translator as vague or confusing. If the second translator is unable to resolve any issue, she contacts the authors directly for clarification.

Once the document is in its final form, a final review by the Director ensures proper formatting and no lingering typos or comments. The document is submitted to the client for approval.