Client Testimonials

“Dear Roland and Juliette,

We received some client feedback on your work for this project and I wanted to share – you scored 97/100, congratulations! You also scored 99/100 for H2389A. Thank you for your continued exceptional work for Latin Link.”
– Bryony McCabe, Latin Link


ServingMed did an exceptional job at translating complex medical articles from Spanish and Portuguese to English. The work was professional, accurate, and rapid. All of the experts from our workgroup were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the translations and agreed that this will enable us to produce state-of-the art recommendations that will serve the medical community.
– Dr. Marc Ghannoum Associate, Professor of Medicine, Verdun Hospital, Montreal, Canada


Thank you very much for the correction, the article is much better now. I will accept the corrections and submit the article.
– Dr Heinz Hiller MD MRCS Ed DLap, Vascular Surgery and Angiology, Medellín, Colombia


They have just published the two studies that you edited (one of them on several occasions). Many thanks again for your contribution.
– Jose Arevalo Manso, Department of Neurology, Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain.


I am contacting you thanks to the address given to me by my colleague Dr. Enrique Morales after your successful translation of an article shared by both of us.
– Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez Martinez, Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain


Thank you for your excellent work on this project. It was challenging, but I’m so impressed with how it turned out, and what’s more, we have a very happy client. Thank you for helping make that happen! Very much looking forward to our next project.
– Monique Cuvelier, Talance E-learning + Web Development


You have done an excellent job. You have made numerous changes that significantly clarified what we were trying to say. The text is now much better. Many thanks!
– Juan Jose Arevalo Manso, Department of Neurology, University Hospital La Paz


Thank you for the translation. I have been taking a look at the first few paragraphs and I want to congratulate you on your work. It’s not easy finding good translators; I’m glad I found you.
– C. Pastor, client of Vaughan Systems, Spain


Thank you so much for your work – client was delighted.
– Luke Sewell, Latin Link, UK


It’s an honor to be able to count on your experience and tireless support.
– E. Ramirez, MD, PhD, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Hospital Universitario la Paz, Madrid


I would like to let you know that the client is very pleased with the quality of your work. That’s really good news.
– Alicia Jagenfelt, TekTrans, Madrid


Everything is OK now. Thank you, you have done a wonderful job. I hope to send you a manuscript for correction very soon.
– Dra. Nora Butta, Hematology Unit, University Hospital La Paz, Madrid


Hello Juliette, we have incorporated the translation into the rest of the project and are very satisfied with the result.
– Marta García Solano, Research Support Unit, Primary Care Management of Madrid


Juliette – I’m pleased to pass on compliments from the client: “As for the translation, I think it’s very good. Juliette understood the text perfectly.”
– Justin Peterson, Vaughan Systems


“Juliette… Please, reserve some time for me. We are very happy with the work you’ve done.”
– Fatima Morote Ibarrola, Director, Morote Translations, Seville, Spain


Score 5.0 out of 5.0- ” Juliette is an excellent writer and has been a great contributor to our health & fitness site. I very highly recommend her services.”
– Jay Boneretti, Director of AminoZ Health and Fitness, Sydney, Australia


“These days it’s not common to find people as professional as you. The problems that have arisen and your interest in resolving them fills me with satisfaction.”
– Dr. Francisco Robles Agudo, Hospital La Paz-Cantoblanco, Spain


“I want to thank you for the work you did. I had to do my oral thesis defense for a Belgian and Dutch panel and they gave me a superior grade with honor, and your translation was an important factor in my success.”
– Ana Belen Fernandez, Nurse, Alcante, Spain


“Juliette, they accepted our paper right away. Many thanks for your speed and professionalism. Shortly, we’ll send you a chapter to review.”
– Doctor Margarita Lorenzo, Professor of Biochemistry, School of Pharmacy. Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain


“The most recent job you did for us last month was accepted with no changes. Many thanks.”
– Dr. Juan A. Rey, Research Unit, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain


“I assume you track who translates each document. If so, and if possible, I would like to have the person who translated the initial document do the next translation. It is the only document that the reviewers did not comment on the English. What’s more, they also left positive comments.
– Justin Peterson, Vaughan Translations