Medical Writing

ResearcherWriting-350Physicians, researchers, nurses, and other health professionals are experts in their profession, but they might need a little help writing for certain publications with very specific requirements, or with writing for patients who might have lower literacy skills or different learning styles.

Juliette Siegfried (MPH), Laurel Avery, and Barry Wright are medical writers and editors who create informative, accurate, and interesting materials for health professionals and for the public. Most importantly, however, is our process for developing materials that are tailored to the specific needs of our audience.

Juliette has specific training and experience in the creation of patient education materials for readers with low literacy skills and for patients of various ethnic backgrounds. We can write original patient education materials at an easy-to-read level or we can convert higher level reading materials into something that’s easier to understand or that is tailored to a specific demographic. We also write for more highly educated patients and for health professionals themselves. This is why one of the first steps of our writing process will be to learn about your target audience, so that we can develop appropriate materials that will speak to that population group, be it health professionals or patients, older or younger people, more or less educated patients, or those with specific cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

Medical and Health Writing Samples

We have extensive experience writing patient education articles, reports, press releases and blogs using keywords and SEO. We currently provide articles to physician practices all over the US on a variety of topics including cardiovascular health, sleep apnea, venous disorders, chiropractic care and general health. We also provide articles in Spanish.

Sample SEO article

Sample article – Nutrition

Sample article – Chiropractic

Sample article – Heart murmurs

Sample Press Release

Sample report – Fitness

Sample article – Spanish – Cardiology

Books and Book Chapters

Health Literacy, authored by Aniruddha Malpani, MD of Mumbai, India and Juliette Siegfried, MPH of ServingMed.com, 2014.

Age Medicine Management authored by Todd Greenberg, MD and Jeffrey Leake, MD of G3 Global, and edited by Laurel Avery and Juliette Siegfried, MPH of ServingMed.com, 2015.

The Nutrition Cure, ghost-written by Juliette Siegfried, MPH, 2013.