medresearch-350Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your rates for editing and translating?

Our rates vary from €.05/word – €.15/word, depending on the urgency, complexity, length, and a variety of other factors. We will always agree on a price and delivery date with you prior to beginning any project.It is important to note that all translation and editing projects include two professional editors/translators, sometimes three. We ensure every piece of work is reviewed by an expert other than the original professional, which leads to very high accuracy and a low error rate.

  • What are your rates for copywriting?

Original copywriting is usually priced on a project basis or around €90 per hour. Please contact us with your project details and we will create a proposal.

  • What is your quality control process?

Please see our complete quality control description for writing, editing and translating here.

  • Can you help with shortening my paper or making sure our manuscript meets the specific requirements of a Journal?

Absolutely. That type of work is billed at an hourly rate of €60.00.

  • How long will it take to get my paper back?

A typical 3,000-word paper takes about 2-3 working days to edit and/or translate. If we are currently completely booked, we will offer you the soonest date possible for your approval. If you need a document rush translated or edited, we can provide that for a 30% additional surcharge. Most times, a rush can be completed in 1 working day.